Berlin: Thursday, 26th of February - Crypto-Workshop@HedoBar

To face increasing surveillace, cryptography is a nice tool to make your communication safer.

Bring your Notebook - the crypto-experts of the Berlin section will help you to install cryptography (GNUPG) for Mail.

Thursday, 26th of February, starting 8PM
Hedo Bar @ Zielona Gora
Grünberger Straße 73
(Boxhagener Platz)

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The manifesto in Catalan and probs with the newsletter

We proudly present the Catalan Version of the manifesto:

We regret problems with the newsletter on 17th/18th of February. Something went wrong.

Berlin Sections call for action on Wednesday, 18th of February

Several sections from Berlin, Germany, call for action:

Support the squatted trailer site "Laster & Hänger" in Berlin Friedrichshain. Politicians from the local parliament want to replace this site of subculture with a sport stadium.

Wednesday, 18th of February at 5 PM there will be a gathering in front of the local parliament with coffee & cookies. There will be no rave. This time - but perhaps next time.
Come to Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Bezirksamt Yorkstrasse 4-11 in Berlin.

More Informations (in German):

Berlin: January, 8th Day of Holidays @ HedoBar

Januar 8th...Not only the King's birthday, but also the date
of promulgation of the Federal Holidays Act (1963). Day of the holidays:
a good moment for the Hedonist International to relax in reasonable
clothing (Hawaiian shirts, sun hat), to sip an Agua de Valencia
and to exchange about the visions and utopias for 2009.

Hedo Bar @ Zielona Gora
Grünberger Straße 73
(Boxhagener Platz)

Berlin: DEMONSTRATION AT MAUERPARK, SUNDAY 14/12, 13.00 - Solidarity with the Greek movement

+++ Update 12/14: About 150 people came to the demonstration ++++

We document at this point a call for action of a greek solidarity group from Berlin:

On the 6th of December, after a verbal conflict in the centre of
Athens, a police officer murdered 15-year-old A. Grigoropoulos. This
murder is not a single incident. It is just one among a lot resulting
in incontrollable, unpunished and arbitrary police violence.

Police in Greece murder young people, immigrants, (Romas); infringe
upon human rights torturing detainees, beating demonstrators. The
state breaks its own laws. The ones responsible are never punished.

Greek people's revolt, triggered by that murder, is not merely blind
violence. It expresses the indignation against the economic crisis,
poverty, unemployment, workers' precarity and the de-establishment of
the welfare state.
The whole country is rising in revolt.



Solidarity Initiative in Berlin

Berlin December, 11 - Hedo-Bar - Special Topic Greece

Berlin: Hedo-Bar, Zielona Gora, Thursday 11th of December, 8.30 pm

For actual reason: Informations about Greece
There will be some people from Greece to talk about the actual situation, social movements and the protests after the murder of the 15 year old boy.

This will be no hardcore-hardfact panel discussion, but a get together with informations and possibilities to network and connect.

This part of the evening will start at 10pm.

Hedo Bar @
Zielona Gora
Grünberger Straße 73
(Boxhagener Platz)

Migrationsspecial @ Hedonist Bar, Zielona Gora, Berlin-Friedrichshain

Thursday 27 November 2008 - 20:00 - 01:00

The Berlin section of the Hedonist International is organising an evening to
promote the work of Grenzenlos! and KuB, both non-profit working in the field
of migration and refugees:


Short Movies - 100 seconds about MultiKulti
Cabaret S.K.E.T. (Schnelle Kulturelle Eingreif Truppe)
Cigir Oezyurt with soulful turkish songs

Free entrance!

Stadtteilladen Zielona Gora
Grünberger Str. 73
am Boxi, Fhain

Berlin: 13.11. Wii Zockerabend @ Zielona Gora

Shaking bodys, flashing lights -- looks like one of those Techno Party.
But not this time - it's just playing arcade games. One projector, eight
pads - and a camera wachtching you play. Come along...

Zielona Gora, Grünberger Str. 73, Fhain (am Boxhagener Platz).

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