International Hedonist Groups

Like all networks of free individuals the Hedonist International are made up of different sections with different points of views located all around the world rather than a homogenous and dogmatic group.

Please let us know if you are part of a group working in our domain. Check our manifesto to get to know more about our principles.

We welcome links to projects, blogs and other websites here! If you speak German, check out the German hedonist sections page for a description of Hedonist sections from Germany.

Picture below: nudist from the comitee for nudist actions rush into a bar known for its fascist clientele in Berlin-Friedrichshain (source: indymedia).

nudist in bar

Picture below: BUMS, a mobile soundsystem in one of Berlin main shopping halls shortly before christmas to protest against christmas consum. On the left: BUMS adherents, middle picture: the BUMS mobile soundsystem (more or less a beer freezer box with amplifier and speakers in camouflage outfit). The sign says: "Buy things you don´t need". Picture on the right: security talking to fake security (source: indymedia).


So far, the Hedonist International consists of the following sections: