Berlin 13.02.2013 Hedobar - South Africa

In this edition of the hedo bar we present a speech about South Africa:

Rob Bennet left South Africa 1969. Rob was an activist in the movement against Apartheid. He wants to share his personal experiences with the Apartheid with us, his resistance, his song about that time and his reactions about a more recent event - the death of Nelson Mandela. We are very much looking forward to this event - come along.

21:00 Bar opens
21:30 Speech of Rob

The section Grünberg of the Hedonist International invites each second Thursday of a month to the hedo bar in Zielona Gora.

Zielona Gora
Boxhagener Platz
Grünberger Str. 73
10245 Berlin

Berlin 12.12.2013 Hedobar - In Limbo - Refugee Movement

Multimedial info evening with videos, texts, pictures about the migration and refugees reality in different places - Calais, Tunisia, Lampedusa, Oranienplatz. Some friends / activists / refugees will share their own experience collected in the last years:

- Francesca shows a documentary/animation about Lampedusa
- Muhammed from Gambia will talk about his experience as refugee in Italy and Germany
- Cia(Sarah) & Walid will inform us about Choucha refugee camp in Tunesia
- Sander & Torca - Dokumentarfilm
- Patras (African refugees union) + Oranienplatz pretesters will inform us about the actual situation in Berlin
- Sophia shows some pictures and information about the situation of migrants trying to reach England from Calais

After the presentations (1h) we will have time to ask questions and share stories in an open discussion (1h).

21:00 Bar opens
22:00 Program starts

The section Grünberg of the Hedonist International invites each second Thursday of a month to the hedo bar in Zielona Gora.

Zielona Gora
Boxhagener Platz
Grünberger Str. 73
10245 Berlin

Berlin - 10.10.2013 - Hedobar

The section Grünberg of the Hedonist International invites each second Thursday of a month to the hedo bar in Zielona Gora.

Zielona Gora
Boxhagener Platz
Grünberger Str. 73
10245 Berlin

Berlin - 12.09.2013 - Hedobar - IOCOSE

In the next edition of the hedo bar we present you a presentation from IOCOSE.
The group IOCOSE has been working in Italy and Europe since 2006. It organizes actions in order to subvert ideologies, practices and processes of identification and production of meanings. It uses pranks and hoaxes as tactical means.

The section Grünberg of the Hedonist International invites each second Thursday of a month to the hedo bar in Zielona Gora.

21:00 doors and bar open
22:00 talk/presentation

Hedobar 12.09. 21:00
Zielona Gora
Boxhagener Platz
Grünberger Str. 73
10245 Berlin

Just 9 days left / Important information about World Congress 2013

The world congress draws near and we are all looking forward to it with great enthusiasm and zest for action. This is especially so because we have received lots of feedback from people who simply want to help or take part in the program of events.

The congress is sold out
There are no more tickets, the congress is sold out. There will be NO TICKETS ON SALE AT THE SITE.

There are no tickets left.

We have only limited space at the congress site. There will be no chance to buy a ticket at the congress site. If you don´t have a ticket, please don´t come by, because we can´t let you in. Thank you.

The program of events is nearly completed
For the most part, we have completed the program – we have more than 100 hours of events from 70 presenters and artists from more than 10 countries. The program however, continues to expand. A few of the events are described here. There will also be some spontaneous lectures and workshops this year for which we have reserved times.

Go to to see the present version of the program which is being updated every 15 minutes and is, as usual, moving along apace.

Busses from Berlin
As in previous years, there will be a bus service from Berlin directly to the congress and back. The busses depart on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st at 6pm from Berlin. Return journeys to Berlin are on Sunday 2nd at 7pm and Monday 3rd June at 5pm. Bus tickets can be booked here:

Directions to the congress site
We will let you know as soon as we can by newsletter and on the congress web site where exactly it will be. To give you a rough idea, it is not more than two hours away from Berlin, Hamburg or Greifswald. And we promise you that the setting is really beautiful – we mean it!

Helping and taking part
Anybody who wants to come before Thursday to help prepare and lend a hand, is very welcome. We would also be very pleased with those of you who choose to stay on afterwards to help clear and pack up.

See you soon!

Beta Schedule of Hedonist World Congress published

The Hedonist World Congress takes place from May 30 till June 3.

You can find an actual beta schedule here: Schedule
(The schedule is updated frequently.)

We have only limited space at the congress site. Tickets will only be available at pre sale.
Get your ticket here online: Tickets
Tickets can be also bought in Berlin at B-Lage Bar, Mareschstraße 1. B-Lage

We have our own buses bringing you from Berlin to the World Congress for a small fee.
Bus Schedule and Tickets

The location of the congress will be published shortly.

From AKT to - the first beta programm of the world congress

We are in the middle of the planning stage of the program and are pleased to announce the first lectures, workshops and events scheduled for the fourth world congress of the Hedonist International. A lot more will follow.

AKT-group Ukraine

AKT is a post-neoist group from Ukraine. AKT have had Easter eggs blessed by orthodox priests and then used them to adorn the party headquarters of the government. At the congress they will report on this and many other of their activities. They will also talk about art and protest in Ukraine.

Activism in Georgia

The Georgian activist Khatia will speak about protests, action and forms of activism in her country.

Bees on the balcony

bees on balconies Johannes has been keeping bees on his balcony in the middle of Berlin for some time. At the congress he will explain how he does it and how anyone can do the same. Maybe he will even bring some of his delicious honey with him.

Blow Up Media Spectacle

The activist group "Tools for Actions" build giant inflatable objects which can be used both as media symbols and for playing and having fun with at demonstrations. Whether at the climate summit in Mexico or in Berlin on May Day, the inflatables pop up all over the world. In a workshop at the congress, the activists will explain how to build them and how they can be utilized.

Constructing Demo Units

The "Bauraum für Lowtechideen" (Workshop for low tech ideas) will show how activists with small budgets can build impressive, light-weight and mobile structures for demonstrations and actions. Their ideas will be tried out at the congress.

Measuring and analyzing internet censorship worldwide
Italian hacker Arturo Filasto is presently programming software with which it will be possible to identify the infrastructure of censorship and recognize censored content. To this end, computers will be set up to test the web systematically for censorship in the countries to be investigated. The project intends to go public on the practice of censorship world wide. The project is part of the TOR-Project that is used for anonymity and the avoidance of censorship on the web.

Pappsatt is a group of artists who not only make great films but also explore the art of building masks. Masks can be implemented in many, varied ways: for example, to disguise identity with subversive intent - but in a congenial way. Or they can be used for exploring the play of stereotypes and roles. Also in the creation of glamorous, hedonistic anonymity for the carnival of epicurean delights. Three basic methods of mask building will be presented, then there will be a collective effort of cutting, glueing, painting and pasting.

Social Impact
Social Impact from Austria works on the development of narrative - graphic illustrations seeking to make socio-political conflict and sources of friction visible. As "Friends of prosperity" they demand that bank secrecy should be enshrined as a human right; on banners the call is for moderate dictatorship. And for Africa, gala champagne dinners are held in the park…
In 1999, together with Liz, Hans Bernard founded the company after his temporary disassociation from the group or artists etoy who disguised themselves as a business. The areas of activity of ubermorgen are in the development of software, licensing contracts, applied design and consulting services for multinational enterprises such as activism, performance and mass-medial communication art. Ubermorgen describes its activities as »Media Hacking« and spreads its message with »Guerrilla Marketing Tactics« by means of the so called »Shock Marketing« model. Ubermorgen sold votes to the highest bidder through a web site in the 2000 US election and, with the project "Google will eat itself", created a concept by which the search engine might cannibalize itself…

Learning from Trade Unions - and the converse
The trade union movement has been trying to regain the offensive in recent years through organizing. The method was developed through militant campaigns undertaken by building cleaners in the USA. It concentrates on self depiction rather than representation - on systematic conflict orientation instead of social relations and within the German context, the transformation of the union apparatus. The lecturer works for a large trade union and within it carries out: organizing.

As usual the program is presently beta: there may well be changes.

The fourth world congress of the Hedonist International will take place from 30th May until 3rd June somewhere between Hamburg, Greifswald and Berlin. Tickets are only available in advance - so go and get yourselves some

Info and Tickets for The Hedonist International’s 4th World Congress - May 30th to June 3rd 2013

The Hedonist International’s 4th World Congress will take place from May 30th to June 3rd 2013 somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin. It wants to bring together people from all over the world who are interested in hedonism, to promote their networking and to open new perspectives for resistance. We will discuss theoretical concepts, try new forms of action, talk about social conflicts and about alternative methods of political intervention. And we will dance as well.

See the World Congress Website for all information.

Congress program is planned along the 3 topics Protest, Party, and Action. It is foreseen that contributions, panels, and workshops will be added spontaneously. If you want to contribute something to the congress, just come along with your idea and realize it on-site!

Tickets only at Presale
Please buy your ticket in advance because we have only limited space at the congress area. There will be no ticket sales at the congress site.

>>> Get your Ticket!

Idea / Concept
The World Congress of the Hedonist International isn’t based on long-term preparation. It will be born out of the spirit of do-it-yourself, the creativeness and the ideas of the participating people – like you!

Everyone who will be attending the congress will act as a host as well. Everyone will share responsibility for a colorful, informative, peaceful and joyful event – because that’s the way will have fun together.

No one will make money at or with the congress. Whoever wants to help, please feel free to contact any of us or just give a hand when you notice it is necessary. You can announce your help in advance or just come along spontaneously. There will be plenty of things to do.

Busses from Berlin
There will be a Bus transfer from Berlin to the congress site Thursday and Friday evening, and back to Berlin on Sunday and Monday. More soon on the congress website.

Budapest: Workshop

Workshop: Hedonist International

The Hedonist International is a network of autonomous sections involved in Culture Jamming, Communication Guerilla, Media Hacking and Politics Hacking.

The Hedonist International was founded in 2006 in order to field test political actions. Actions have included nude groups visiting overpriced flats, capturing a demonstration of supporters of a conservative politician, sneaking into election party of conservative-right party and sneaking an fake protagonist into a tv magazine. The Hedonist International is not an organization, but an idea. We invite everyone to play with and experiment with this idea, which is outlined in a hedonist manifesto. This manifesto is available in many languages and it offers a conceptual framework for hedonist actions. So far there are about 60 sections - no once can say exactly how many - in different countries which have taken up the ideas of the manifesto and begun to combine politics with fun in their own way.

Timóteo Pinto from the 'Community of Urban Mobile Soundsystems' Section from Berlin, will give a brief overview of the idea and concept of the Hedonist International from his point of view, including stories with photos and videos of the major actions of the Hedonist International. (around 45 minutes)

After the presentaction there will be discussion with all attendees about the idea of the Hedonist Internacional and about possible ideas of actions in Budapest or Hungary.

Presentation will be in English.

The entrance is free.

Thursday March 21
Király u. 50
1061 Budapest

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